SOAPS (Daytime Drama/Serials)

Romance of Helen Trent, The (CBS Network / Daytime Serial – Soap) Produced by Frank & Anne Hummert
“Because a woman is 35 or more, romance in life need not be over…” (Hopper’s White Clay Pack, Aerowax)
10625 Betsy and Lawrence (1940)
Bret Blackmails Helen; Helen in Silver City
Helen Walks Into a Trap 09/23/1949
The Faye Granville Story Part 1, 2 & 3

Rosemary (Daytime soap / “Wonderful” Ivory Snow / CBS Network / Created by Elaine Carrington)
09350 Rosemary Comes To New York 07/22/1946
Dr. Jim Drives Rosemary Home 05/07/1947
Audrey Talks to Bill 05/08/1947

Valiant Lady (Daytime soap / Wheaties / NBC Network)

09919 Mike makes the rounds; Newspaper Scandal 05/03/1939
Farewell Letter To Joan 05/04/1939
Irene is angry at Doug; Doug Visits Irene 05/15/1939
Irene learns the truth about the letter; Reconciliation 05/16/1939

09920 The baby brings the family together; Doug’s Secret Discovered 05/17/1939
Mrs Gillispie invites trouble; Joan and Paul Invited To Dinner 05/18/1939
Joan’s husband suffering from a blood clot on the brain 10/02/1941
Valiant Lady (undated episode) Bisquick; Chief of police has
taken Joan & Billy to jail to answer questions about a crime; Little Billy involved in jewel robbery

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