One Man’s Family

The early half hour shows:

(Tenderleaf Tea / Fleishman’s Yeast / NBC Red Network)

09701 A new incident in the Matter of Irene Franklin
(war announcements) 12/07/1941
The Last of 1941 12/28/1941
09702 (no opening) 11/15/1942
Thanksgiving at the Dairy Ranch (no end) 11/22/42
Family Reunion With Marine Jack Barbour 05/02/1943
09703 Futher Information Concerning A Secret Mission
(pt 1 only)
Further Preparations For Claudia’s Departure 08/15/1943
Claudia Says Goodbye To Her Family 08/29/1943
09704 The Strength and The Glory Of The Human Spirit 11/07/1943
Lieutenant Jack Barbour Leaves For The Pacific 05/29/1945 ABC Network (complete)
09705 One Man’s Family Celebrates Its Fifteenth Anniversary 04/27/1947 Royal Pudding (complete)
11/30/1947 (no open/close)
12/01/1947 (no open/close)
09706 Conclusion Of A Treasure Hunt 12/14/1947 (complete)
‘Twas The Night Before Christmas 12/21/194709707 (Chase & Sanborn / NBC Network)
New Year’s Eve With The Barbour Clan 12/28/1947
The Dying Fires Of Europe 01/04/1948
(Chase & Sanborn ; Blue Bonnet Margarine)
09708 Teddy Barbour After Two Years 01/11/1948
(Chase & Sanborn & Blue Bonnet Margarine)
Father Barbour’s Dead Tooth 05/09/1948
09709 The Special Delivery Letter 05/16/1948
08/08/1948 (second half only) (Blue Bonnet)
02/24/1949 (Part 1 only with re-introduction)
09710 Pay-off In The Clifford Story 04/07/1949
San Francisco Answers Back 07/03/1949
09711 A Reintroduction To The Barbours 07/04/1949
Two Lost Barbours Begin To Find Happiness 07/11/1949
09712 Roberta Evans Begins To Sense A Rival 07/18/1949
Definite Progress In Family Relations 07/25/1949
10243 Father Barbour’s Aching Bones 08/01/1949
Father Barbour Predicts The Worst 08/08/1949
10244 The Return of Joan Roberts Lacey 08/15/1949
A Very, Very Tough Stepfather, Indeed 08/22/1949
10245 Father Barbour’s Rampage and What Came Of I 08/29/1949
Father Barbour and The Eavesdropping Episode 09/05/1949
10246 A Homemade Bread and Applesauce Peace Offering 09/12/1949
The Return Of The Second Assistant Cook 09/19/1949
10247 End Of A Summer Saga 09/26/1949
Father Barbour and His Three Sons 10/02/1949
10248 Clifford Delves Into His Past 10/09/1949
Father Barbour Gets Left Behind 10/16/1949
10249 A New Twist To An Old Story 10/23/1949
Family Reaction To Rexford Frome 10/30/1949
10250 Rex Frome Invades The Barbours 11/06/1949
Paul Meets The Lady In The Case 11/13/1949

The later shows…. Note these episodes are from airchecks and edited down to about 10 minutes each. The are no commercials. Bob Bailey (Johnny Dollar) is heard on some of these episodes. The series began as a half hour program but by the end of its 27 year run, the length had been reduced.

10620 Girl With a Torch 03/31/1959
Big News For Pinky 04/01/1959
The Big Question: Gentleman or a Cad 04/02/1959
The Missing Bridegroom 04/03/1959
Message From a Happy Bride 04/061959
Report From Sears Savoy 04/07/1959
10621 Betty Salvages a Lesson From Disaster 04/08/1959
Spotlight on the Unemployed 04/09/1959
Rally Round the Flag Boys 04/10/1959
Dating 1959 04/13/1959
Gripman On a Boyhood Dream 04/14/1959
The First Quarrel 04/15/1959
10622 Mutton Dressed As Lamb 04/16/1959
Glimpse of the Jungle 04/17/1959
Big News From Scotland 04/20/1959
The Homecoming 04/21/1959
Betty Lowers the Boom 04/22/1959
The Silent Partner Makes a Move 04/23/1959
Confessions of a Bridegroom 04/24/1959 (Last official episode)

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