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“Designed to free you for from the four walls of today for a half hour of high adventure….”
For decades, Escape was regarded by collectors as an exceptional Adventure Drama, more consistant in dramatic quality as far as content than even Suspense or several other similar network anthologies. 

The first time I heard the Escape show was when it was released by Radiola Records on an LP record in the early to mid 1970s. The episode was entitled “Three Skeleton Key,” a story about rats taking over a lighthouse and trapping the humans, and threatening to eat them alive. That episode, (originally broadcast on 1/14/1948) has been readilyavailable all these years. That and basically the whole series has also been reissuedin many different forms since then. The fact of the matter is, in my second old-time radio LISTENING GUIDE book (published in 1986), among veteran collectorsand listeners, Escape and Gunsmoke were among the highest rated programs in terms of quality of production, writing andacting…versus ALL shows available to todays listeners. The stories simply SEEMED more consistant than the ever-popular CBS “Suspense” series.
The Escape series was produced by Norman MacDonnell (who also did Gunsmoke). He directed some episodes along with William Robson. At various times, Paul Frees or William Conrad opened the show and often played character roles. Conrad would later become the radio voice of Marshall Matt Dillon on Gunsmoke. 228 episodes were produced.

10127 #68 The Great Impersonation 04/23/1949 w/ Ben Wright
#69 The Fourth Man 07/07/1949 w/ Wilms Herbert, Larry Dobkin
10159 #70 The Drums of the Fore and Aft 07/14/1949 w/ Ben Wright, Terry Kilborne, Wilms Herbert
#71 Action 07/21/1949 w/ Joseph Kearns
10180 #72 Second Class Passenger 07/28/1949 w/ Parley Baer, Vivi Janniss
#73 Leiningen Versus the Ants 08/04/1949 w/ Tudor Owen, Gerald Mohr
10236 #101 Port Royal 03/10/1950 w/ William Conrad
#102 Three Skeleton Key 03/17/1950 w/ Vincent Price, Harry Bartell
10237 #103 Danger at Montecumbe 03/24/1950 w/ Frank Lovejoy
#104 Green Splotches 03/31/1950 (poor quality /wire
recording) w/ William Conrad, Paul Frees
10238 #105 The Ambassador of Poker 04/07/1950 w/ Elliott Reid
#106 The Golden Snake 04/14/1950 w/ Tony Barrett
10239 #107 The Shanghai Document 04/21/1950 w/ John Dehner
#108 Something For Nothing 04/28/1950 w/ William Conrad
10240 #109 The Man Who Stole the Bible 05/05/1950 w/ R. Valent
#110 The Rim of Terror 05/23/1950 w/ Nancy Kelly, Hans
10241 #111 Pass to Berlin 05/19/1950 w/ Stacy Harris
#112 Command 05/26/1950 w/ Harry Bartell
10242 #113 Mars is Heaven 06/02/1950 w/ Jeff Corey
#115 Serenade For a Cobra 06/16/1950 w/ Charles McGraw

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