Columbia Workshop

This is just a sample of the shows we offer from this series, all available now in digital format.

The first shows:

09848 #01 Comedy of Danger/Finger of God 07/18/1936

#02 Broadway Evening 07/25/1936

09849 #03 Cartwheel 08/01/1936

#04 Experiment-Highway Incident 08/08/1936

Scripts written by Norman Corwin:

10632 #06 Odyssey of Runyan Jones 06/08/1941
w/ Larry Robinson, Frank Lovejoy
#07 Soliloquoy to Balance the Budget 06/15/1941 w/ House Jameson
10633 #12 Double Concerto 07/20/1941 w/ Morgan Farley, Rosaline Greene, Peter Donald, Paul Stewart, Ed Mayehoff
#13 Descent of the Gods 08/03/1941 w/Henry Morgan

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